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First Look – Fantasea FG15 Housing for Canon PowerShot G15

Canon’s recently-released Powershot G15 delivers prosumer imaging performance in a compact digital camera format. When mated to Fantasea’s new FG15 housing and accessories, the result is a compact, cost-effective underwater imaging package capable of producing everything from wide-angle reef scenes to macro portraitist, along with high-definition video.

Fantasea housing for Canon PowerShot G15

Fantasea’s new waterproof housing for the Canon PowerShot G15 showing the front view of the FG15 housing right and the transparent rear section, providing a clear view of the LCD screen and controls.

The FG15 polycarbonate housing is constructed to the same standards as Fantasea’s popular F series (FP7000 and FP7100), and features double O-ring seals. It has been tested to 80 meters (240 ft.) and is certified to a maximum depth of 60 meters (200 ft.). Clearly-labeled and easy-to-use controls are incorporated into an ergonomic housing design that measures just 17X13X13.5cm (6.7×5.1×5.4 inches)—small enough to be palmed one-handed by most users. The housing’s transparent rear plate not only allows easy viewing of the 3-inch monitor, but also helps users visualize the interfaces between housing and camera controls. The housing and camera have a combined weight of 1.1 kg (2.4 pounds) above water, and are .3kg (.6 pounds) negative in saltwater.

Fantasea FG15 with Accessories

The Fantasea FG15 housing is supported by a full range of accessories

Noteworthy features of the FG 15 housing include a removable anti-glare hood for the LDC screen, a dedicated video control button, a dedicated mount for lighting accessories, a removable flash diffuser and dual fiber optic cable connections. An optional leak detector can also be included. The housing is supported by an accessory line that includes wet-connect wide angle and macro lenses, a variety of color correction filters, and lighting sets for still and video imaging.

Macro photo taken with Fantasea FG15 housing

A photo taken with the Sharp Eye macro lens, which wet fits to the housing.

reef scene taken with FG15 housing

An example of the wide angle capabilities of the FG15 with Big Eye port.

The FG15 housing was introduced in the US market at a retail price of $499, and the G15 sells in the $420 to $450 range. Round out the package with Fantasea’s Big Eye wide angle port ($359), Sharp Eye macro lens ($104) and Nano Flash set ($412-$585), and for about $2,000, you have a system that will shoot publication-worthy 12mp RAW images and high-definition 1080p video, provide significant creative latitude, and pack into a carry case smaller than a bowling ball bag.

You can learn more about the FG15 system at the Fantasea website.


About the author  ⁄ Pierce Hoover

Pierce Hoover is the founding editor of five national magazine titles including Sport Fishing and Sport Diver magazines, as well as a contributor to more than 30 national and international marine and travel publications, numerous websites and social media campaigns for Popular Science and GE’s Eco-magination brand. Connect with me on Google+

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