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PADI adds KISS GEM to their Rebreather Course lineup

Following the launch of PADI TecRec’s Rebreather and Advanced Rebreather Courses, the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) now have core courses to cover the vast majority of rebreathers.

In addition to this PADI has launched a mSCR Distinctive speciality for the KISS GEM semi-closed rebreather. Like other manufacturers distinctive specialties, these courses are applied for by manufacturers.

KISS GEM - Mechanical SCR

KISS GEM – Mechanical SCR

The mSCR distinctive specialty is built on the integrated Rebreather and Advanced Rebreather Diver courses with the same required materials, diver and instructor pre-requisites and basic training PLUS some additions; Practical Applications and Training Dive Performance Requirements have some adaptations to accommodate the different requirements of the mSCR and there is an additional “distinctive” knowledge development module addressing the differences between eCCR/eSCR and the mSCR being taught.

This route is not for rebreathers that do not meet Type R but for those that cannot meet Type R,  due to significant design differences. It is also not an easy route, with manufacturers working closely with PADI’s Technical Diving Division, Rebreather Advisory Team to address the different training requirements for a unit that cannot meet Type R requirements. The manufacturer still has to make sure the rebreathers meet tough standards and have third party testing.

KISS Rebreathers are the first manufacturer to take up this challenge and suitably qualified and experienced PADI Instructors can now become KISS GEM mSCR Distinctive Specialty Instructors.

For more information on the KISS GEM mSCR Distinctive Specialty please contact


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