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Shearwater Research Goes NERD

For the first time, being labeled a nerdy technical diver could be a good thing. This, thanks to Shearwater Research, which has just unveiled one of the most innovative dive computer displays on the market.

Shearwater NERD dive computer

The Shearwater NERD provides at-a-glance data that doesn’t interfere with forward visibility.

The Shearwater NERD— as in Near Eye Remote Display—is a technical diving computer that mounts to a diver’s rebreather mouthpiece. It displays information such as depth, time, PPO2 and decompression data right in front of the diver’s eyes for the duration of the dive.

The NERD, like all other Shearwater products, is designed and manufactured in Vancouver, Canada, in the company’s certified ISO 9001-2008 compliant facility. The NERD displays the same information as the Shearwater Petrel technical diving computer, has been built to withstand harsh diving environments, and is designed for ease of use in real-world dive situations.

“We don’t think the NERD replaces our Petrel technical dive computer, which is very popular with our customers,” says Bruce Shearwater, CEO of Shearwater Research Inc. “The NERD is revolutionary because it opens a whole range of possibilities for divers. The display is completely intuitive, so that your eyes register the information when they need to, but the numbers are out of the way when you’re not looking at them. And there’s no need to focus; reading the display is as easy as reading from a 32″ television from 12 feet away. When I use the NERD I feel like I’m a better diver, and that’s something truly incredible we can offer our customers.”

Shearwater unveiled the NERD at Dive 2013 in Birmingham, UK, and at the 2013 DEMA show in Orlando, Florida . Full technical specifications for the NERD can be found on Shearwater’s website, and tutorial video explaining the different features will also be released on YouTube very soon. The NERD is now available through Shearwater’s dealer network.


About the author  ⁄ Pierce Hoover

Pierce Hoover is the founding editor of five national magazine titles including Sport Fishing and Sport Diver magazines, as well as a contributor to more than 30 national and international marine and travel publications, numerous websites and social media campaigns for Popular Science and GE’s Eco-magination brand. Connect with me on Google+